Ascension Cider

From spit and sawdust boozer to stripped back stylish drinking, Brighton and Hove boasts a wealth of pubs. But which one puts the head on your pint or the G in your T?

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Ascension Cider is owned and run by Matt Billing, a third-generation hot air balloon pilot with an obsession for cider. Based in an old apple store on Ringden Farm in Sussex, close to the Kent border, the orchard grows over thirty varieties of apple, giving them ample opportunity to find that perfect blend.
Taking inspiration for their ciders from all over the world, as well as here in the UK. Their main love of cider is the alchemy that it entails and the nearly boundless level of experimentation that can take place. Matt and the team at Ascension Cider are constantly trialling infusing different fruits, herbs and spices, utilising different strains of yeast and bacteria and sometimes, just letting nature do its thing and gambling on the outcome! 

Sky's the limit for Ascension Cider

Matt first started making cider in his mums shed some ten years ago and, whilst the quality and quantity have vastly increased over the years, the process and enjoyment he finds remains pretty much the same. When not making cider, Matt is usually flying hot air balloons around Sussex and beyond. Keep your eyes peeled for an Ascension Balloon one day!

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