BHFP: Sponsors of 'Best Bites on a Budget'

We're seeking out the best quality food at fantastic prices. Be it a quick nibble to go or a full on meal – who does it well on a budget?

Brighton & Hove Food Partnership sponsors Best Bites on a Budget

The team at the Brighton & Hove Food Partnership believe food is more than just fuel, it brings people together and changes lives. Founded in 2003, this non-profit organisation has helped over 10,000 people learn to cook, grow their own food, eat a healthier diet and waste less food. Their community activities include:
·         teaching cookery and sharing meals with vulnerable people in the city
·         therapeutic gardening projects
·         redistributing & reducing food waste
·         tackling food poverty and supporting food banks
·         helping large caterers to source more sustainable food

Making the kitchen the heart of Brighton and Hove

In 2018, they will be launching a new ‘Community Kitchen’ where people can cook, learn new skills and enjoy food together.  This high-profile space on Queens Road will be a teaching kitchen and venue for hire, where guest chefs and local experts can teach cookery masterclasses or run events. Every paid place on a cookery course will help bring these experiences to other people who can benefit, from teenagers with learning disabilities to people with dementia and mental health problems.
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