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Where's the best place to grab a quick pint and a dog biscuit? Who welcomes you and your four legged friends? Have you sniffed out the best spot for you and your faithful hound? Why not give the a round of a-paws....

Designers-i sponsors Best Dog Friendly venue

Designers-i are a Brighton based creative agency with over 20 years of brand design experience offering brand creation, graphic design and web design.
A good business relationship is essential when you work with a designer. But what does that mean? We believe it’s important to build courteous, respectful longterm business partnerships rather than a ‘design and run’ approach!
We won’t do a thing until we have a really good understanding of your business, exactly what makes you tick and exactly where you want to be. As a result of all this our design work is much more than beautiful. It comes with genuine commercial power built in, designed to have a big impact on your audience.
Our client feedback is consistent. The people we work with say we’re patient, and we never blind them with science or jargon

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