Nordicstork is a family run business, specialising in ethical wooden and natural toys for babies and children.

Founded during lockdown when our third child became sick at 20 hours old, Nordicstork gave us something positive to focus on and we wanted to share the wonders of safe toys that support child development in the most wonderful of ways. Daniel is now growing beautifully and so is our business. 

We believe that all families should have access to open-ended toys  - so we keep our prices competitive and strive to offer the utmost in value for money.

When you support Nordicstork, you also support our family. Our eldest is autistic and has ADHD. We want him to always have a job and we are working very hard to create a legacy for our children. Less than 22% of autistic adults are in employment.

In return for your valued business, we can offer you the highest quality products and our outstanding customer service - just check our reviews

Smiling child playing with wooden pizza cutterChild playing with cloth sushi set and chopsticks Small child playing with pink tea set on a tableThree children round a table of healthy looking snacks served on children's plates and bowls