Trenchmore Farm

Sussex has so much to offer, from award winning vinyards, to organic farms producing great seasonal vegetables, distinctive cheeses and free range meats. Who showcases the cream of our crops and earns themselves the Best Sussex Venue?

Trenchmore Farm - Sponsor Best Sussex Venue

Trenchmore is a mixed, family farm, farming for flavour and the future.
Our suckler cattle feed on the permanent pasture and apple pomace, the straw from our wheat is used to bed the cattle, the cattle muck is spread on the fields to help improve the soils and feed the crops. A virtuous circle, allowing us to improve the soils and grow more delicious, sustainable food. 

Silly Moo Cider

Silly Moo Cider is made on the farm by Andrew from 100% fresh Sussex apple juice.

Cider Orchard

We harvest the cider apples from our 4 acre orchard and from local residents who bring in their surplus garden apples at our annual cider swap. Slowly fermented over winter we then filter for freshness before bottling so the cider is raw and the intensely fresh apple flavour preserved.

Trenchmore Heritage Wheat

In 2017 we harvested our first crop of Trenchmore Heritage Wheat, a landrace of mixed heirloom wheat varieties. Great genetic variety and higher in flavour than modern wheat varieties which have been bred for yield. Our small batch, stoneground, wholewheat flour is available locally and our wheat berries are proving popular with local chefs. More commonly used in France, wheat berries are packed full of nutrients and fibre and have a great nutty flavour - we are hoping they will catch on over here.


Red Wagyu

Our Sussex cows are crossed with our Red Wagyu bull and their calves are weaned at around 8 months and predominately grass-fed. The winter ration also includes by-products of human food production such as brewer's grains, apple pomace, local linseed meal from oil pressing and molasses. Using products that would otherwise go to waste helps us to produce consistently flavourful, tender and delicious beef.


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