BRAVO Promotional Graphics

Here is everything you need to quickly and easily promote your venue for BRAVO 2022.

You can download all the files so you can see which artwork you fancy using. 

Remember to use #BRAVO2022 when posting.

You might also find the following colour codes useful if you are making your own materials:

  • Green #53873d
  • Pink #ec3994
  • Orange #ed8516
  • Olive #c2d500


The font we use for the logo is called abril fatface and you can download it here.

We also use Questrial which can be downloaded here.


This year we’ve worked with our sponsor, Nettleinc, and are able to offer you bespoke cards that will send your customers straight to your voting page. 

You can get 250 unique cards for just £25 (with free postage). 

Start printing your unique promotional material now  


If you have any other ideas for material which would be helpful please just let us know by emailing