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The BRAVO rules

Each person has 16 votes and can vote once in each category.


A Brighton and Hove business can be featured in any of 15 voting categories, they cannot be featured in
Sussex Finest.

Sussex venues can be featured ONLY in these five voting categories: Sussex Finest, Best Team, Afternoon Tea, Best Roast and Sustainable Eats.

Any venue can only be nominated in a maximum of 5 categories.

Any venue can only be nominated in a maximum of 5 categories.

We recommend aiming for 3.

Venue owners

Please tell us about your venue by filling in this form or send us an email to and we will make sure you are added.

Every year we prepare a variety of materials you can use for print, on your website and on social media. Please feel free to use any of these items to help encourage people to vote for you. Whether it is a QR code on your menus or the colour code and font for something you want to design yourself, we have got you covered. Download everything you need here.

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To find out everything you need to know about becoming a sponsor in the 2023 BRAVOs please email us:

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